Hello World!

Hi, I'm Béla. I do apps and run websites for living. This is my personal website. These are some of the things I've made and done. They'll probably come back to haunt me in a few years' time...

I love doing just about anything creative. I enjoy doing photograpy, woodworking, electronics, playing the piano, websites and programming.

Let's talk

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Béla need bio for people read. Béla does it himself:

Béla born mid-seventies. Béla has parents who raised him good. No smoking. No drinking. Junk food sometimes. Béla has younger brother. Brother make bad music. Brother say shutup.

Béla sell bread after school. Boring. Béla go small computer company. Make small money. Béla quit small company. Béla make no money at all. Béla go biiig company. Big money. Make stupid programs. Boring. Béla need own company. Béla does it himself.

Béla surf Internet. Béla surf the seas. Béla make photographs. Béla not good at photos. Good at internet. No time surfing. Béla baaad habbit buy stupid gadgets. Wife hate gadgets. She love dancing more.

Béla play piano. Piano teacher say Béla not good at piano. Béla say shutup.

Béla working new idea. Béla need bio for people read. Béla does it himself...